Types of delivery

The Postal Agency of the Republic of Macedonia authorized DelCo to receive, transmit, sort and distribute all kinds of postal items, as well as to provide express and courier services. This authorization was given to us for an unlimited time period.

Generally, DelCo provides with the delivery of all types of post:

  • Letters
  • Parcels
  • Marketing material distribution



Personal delivery

  • Delivery of sensitive documents under special laws (claims, court invitations, inheritance proceedings etc.)

Delivery of registered letters

  • With confirmation of receipt
  • Without confirmation of receipt

Basic delivery

  • Delivery into postal boxes and archives

Delivery of documents with strictly set up deadlines and courier delivery

  • Tenders, courier delivery



Intercompany deliveries

  • Delivery between respective offices of clients or to the employees of clients




Delivery of parcels to various addresses

  • Door to door delivery
  • Door to post delivery (delivery to one of the postal offices of DelCo for further pick up by the addressees in DelCo office)



Delivery of parcels in various weight ranges

  • 0 – 1 kg
  • 1 – 5 kg
  • 5 – 10 kg
  • 10 – 40 kg
  • Over 40 kg
  • Pallets



Additional services

  • Delivery with return document
  • Cash on delivery
  • Insurance of postal items
  • Collection of postal fees in the field from addressees